Desk membership

options to suit your needs and features to help you thrive


your own desk to do what you want with and come back to whenever you need, securely locked with 24/5 access.

Flexible Desk

come and go and move around as you please. we have multiple work zones for you to be where ever suits your flow.

Members portal and 2/57 app

book meeting rooms, see what's on, communicate with other members, and bill simply and easily through our online member portal and bespoke mobile app

Collaborative Timebank

a platform for collaboration - 1:1 ratio - what you put into the timebank, you get out from others. think skills sharing, technical support, community events and new projects


a range of choices for your schedule and budget

DEDICATED 5 days/week
FLEXIBLE 5 days/week
FLEXIBLE 3 days/week
FLEXIBLE 2 days/week
DAY Pass weekdays
10 DAY Pass weekdays
20 DAY Pass weekdays
50 DAY Pass weekdays
prices per month excl. gst

all five day plans include one hour contributed to the timebank, and one hour of services from the timebank per week.

three and two day plans include thirty minutes contributed to the timebank, and thirty minutes of services from the timebank per week.

day passes are calculated at one hour exchanged every five days.

our timebank

We believe in the power of working together and supporting each other. So many of the skills, tips, tricks, services, experience, and friendships we need to survive and thrive will be in the room with us at two/fifty-seven - the timebank is our way to enabling everyone to share easily.

It could be some of your most valuable time each week - being invited in to other organisations to share your unique skills, experience, and other support, and then being able to call upon a diverse and amazing array of talented people within the space to support you in your work and impact. Nice!

timebank members and alumni

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