need a nest? ready for a boost?

get discounted desks, wellbeing training, financial planning and design support to help you and your organisation thrive…

NestBoost is for organisations who are looking for a place to work from, a community to belong to, and the support they need to thrive - sound like you?

applications are now closed for our NestBoost program for 2022 - there’s up to $50,000 of support available — recipients announced on 14 December!!!

NestBoost 2022

two/fiftyseven, nurture, The Well, CoLiberate and spacelamp have joined forces to create a collaborative range of supports including workspaces wellbeing training, financial planning and design support.

All organisations call two/fiftyseven home, so will be on hand throughout the year to be a part of you finding your home here, and using the opportunity to boost your impact!

Important Dates:

applications closed - recipients announced on 14 December!!!

sounds good?


NestBoost 2021

two/fiftyseven and spacelamp initiated the program in 2021, focusing on giving space and support to organisations to increase their impact and sustainability through workspace and design support.

NestBoost 2021 recipients, CoLiberate, have doubled their staff since being in the two/fiftyseven space, and developed their set of trainings extensively with spacelamp - seeing their training outputs triple in 2021. CoLiberate has now trained close to 2,000 people in mental health support, resulting in over 350,000 critical support conversations every year.

The Support Available for 2022


Discounts on up to five workspace plans: 100% discount in first quarter, 75% in second, 50% in third and 25% in fourth quarter.
50% Impact Discount on all venue hire for the year.
Worth $25,000.


Free Financial Review and Planning Workshop
80% discount off further financial support services
Worth $5,000

The Well

75% discount on monthly membership
Worth $6,500


Free Design Strategy Workshop
Three free quarterly Design Checkup sessions
Worth $6,500

CoLiberate (current NestBoost recipient):

25% discount on Mental Health First Response Training
Worth $2,500

Total Value


go for it!