Space Is an Enabler

land, space, and place are common goods for all


we believe New Zealand's current approach to property is extractive - just like mining or oil drilling, property owners mainly extract from space users

wellbeing two/fiftyseven 

coworking shared office


we dream of a land which enables everyone to create, grow, do and make - with supportive spaces that facilitate community

How we got here

it all started with a break-in on the other side of the world
our founder squatted in the Netherlands, where it was legal
experiencing an entirely different approach to property - prioritizing use over ownership
upon returning home, along with a huge group of collaborators, they began creating spaces in Whangārei
whare bike - a community bicycle shop
wood community hub - a warehouse that has supported over 20 impact organizations in the last six years
ONEONESIX -an unused church that we helped to build into an important and loved art and community space
In 2018 Ash took over a small family portfolio of buildings
renting to many charities and impact organizations
which has supported creating more spaces - now in Whanganui-a-Tara
two/fifty-seven - a space focused on supporting impact organizations to thrive
oneonethree - currently under development
got space that you want to develop into a place for good? get in touch with Ash at spacelamp here

Got a space?

Ash from spacelamp will get in touch to discuss your space and ideas -
We're here to help make places for good
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two/fifty-seven is a spacelamp project