we’re a beautifully designed work and event space, with a vibrant community of play, care and belonging.

two/fiftyseven is a place to grow your impact, action and wellbeing.

heres how we do it

flexible memberships

diverse meeting spaces

wellbeing support

collaborative culture

sustainable design

living wage accredited

certified carbon positive
(mid 2021)

quality equipment

exciting events

accessible space

creative focus

impact over profit
most private property in aotearoa is in a deeply extractive model
meaning land owners extract resources from tenants and users
we're dreaming of something different
your impact + wellbeing with our support

your impact + your wellbeing

we want our space to create as much value as it can for the world
we are impact amplifiers
focusing on our space being an enabler
a supportive place to _________ together

WHO WE work with

"The space is creating a powerful community of purposeful people"

Sheridan Jamieson / Nurture
"It's easy to feel like you belong here"

Sarah Tuck / Coliberate
"Very excited to see 2/57 develop into a community-oriented impact hub, and to contribute to that special kaupapa"

Owain John / Squawk Squad
"I love the inclusive, supportive, unique energy of the space and people"

Katie Martin / The Sensonauts

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